You’re not haunted by the war. You miss it.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing (x)

I can’t wait to see this.

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♦ in the end (finale of my TGG AU)

after what felt like an eternity for sherlock he was finally able to leave the hospital. unconsciously he grabbed john’s sleeve,who didn’t seem to mind it, when they strode towards the exit..

"Falling is just like flying, it’s just that there’s a more permanent destination" - Moriarty

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WE HAVE SPACES TO FILL AND REALLY RAD TEAM-MATES FROM CANADA, THE US, AND THE UK SO FAR. Enough Caps-lock though, this is serious business. (*insert giggling here*)


Five of us have previous Gish-perience and in our first year we got two photos in the Gish yearbook and we’re still pretty gosh darn tootin’ proud of that. We want to win this year (fun is our first priority of course ;) ), and because a lot of our team-mates from last year can’t join us we have free space in our team!

General team interests include; Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Misha Collins, I’m assuming tumblr, probably food, perhaps Tom Hiddleston and most probably Benedict Cumberbatch and I lot more that I didn’t write down so they’ll probably yell at me BUT NO MATTER-

We also (not to brag and all but we kind of have to because we neED TEAMMATES AND TIME IS SHORT [ - I can feel you about to make a “but ur timelords?? lol” joke and that is acceptable… As long as you can handle my crippling puns. They can be brutal. I’ve obtained some directly through osmosis via Hannah Hart.]) have some radical contacts and friends helping us as well as a general aura of collective determination to actually have fun during this ;) no need to be afraid of us. We’re nice Timelords~


If you, a friend or someone in general wants to commit to 7 days of insanity and fun, send me an ask and perhaps a little hello or something and we’ll see what happens! 
Or if you’d like you can send me an email at, merlinsunderpants@hotmail.com. Our team also communicates via skype, so you’ll have to have access to skype during the hunt! 

(Also, PLEASE don’t join our team without asking/saying hi first! :) )

That’s all and I hope this works out - this is the team captain signing off and going into a state of pre-closing reg panic IT’S… IT’S ALL… FINE.