"I don’t really ship Sherlock and John. I like their friendship." ( ← Me. Always. Until now.)

"I didn’t order a taxi."
"Doesn’t mean you don’t need one." 

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As promised.  DANCING. *flails*


I mean like everyone realizes that Sherlock could have removed the bomb vest without getting on his knees right? And that they didn’t have to film it from this angle and Martin Freeman didn’t have to make that getting-a-blowjob face? I mean he’s really quite a good actor, like if he doesn’t want to look like he’s getting a bj he can make AT LEAST three other faces, he has awards and everything~

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Production stills of John Watson from season three.

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remember how in acd canon mrs hudson and mrs turner are the same character and mrs turner next door has married ones and sometimes mrs hudson accidentally posts as mrs turner on johns blog