Lets Draw Sherlock - Characters when they think no one’s looking! 

JW: Remember when you said Sherlock wanted to be a pirate?
MH: Initially, yes.
JW: Well, apparently he still does.
MH: Ahh. You’ve found the book have you?
JW: Didn’t have to look very hard…

Sherlock still indulges in a bit of mindless reading every now and again. Though he often seeks comfort in one book in particular. Funny that.

John comes home from the clinic early to find Sherlock sound asleep with a book. And though Sherlock claims that the books he reads are for case and chemistry purposes only, John’s pleasantly surprised that Sherlock has at least one adventure book among the lot. He feels like he’s just walked in on a very private moment so, after snapping a photo for safe keeping, John leaves Sherlock be and retreats upstairs.


mary didn’t shoot sherlock because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and discovered her secret and she didn’t shoot him because there was even a remote threat that he’d find out about her past on his own and out him because oh my god sherlock was slow, he wasn’t…

“Why would it upset you?”

(Source: cumberbatchs)

Behind The Drunken Veil: a look into Sherlock's mind

  • John: Am I a woman?
  • Sherlock: [laughing] (Oh John you say the funniest things.....Dear God of course you're not a woman. What a silly idea....hehehehe you're my man)
  • John: What?
  • Sherlock: (Oh, right. The silly Yes.
  • John: Am I... pretty?
  • Sherlock: (omg. Yes. YES! You're perfect. Stunning. Amazing! I can't take my eyes off you....wait, are you flirting with me? Can I kiss you?)
  • John: [pointing at paper] This.
  • Sherlock: (shit shit shit. I need to FOCUS! What are we doing again? Why is he looking at me like that? I feel weird. God I want John. Lovely beautiful John. His eyes....I want to count his eyelashes. I think he asked me a question. Pretty...something)
  • Sherlock: Uh, beauty is a construct based entirely on childhood impressions, influences and role models.(OK, that sounded intelligent, brilliant even. I can do this.)
  • John: Yeah, but am I a pretty lady?
  • Sherlock: (Still on that? God it's killing me. I should just lean in, a few more inches, he's so close, and his body so inviting...I wonder what he tastes like. but I shouldn't. No. But why shouldn't I?? It would be so easy. I think there's a reas..OH. Oh god. Mary. This HAS to stop. Now. NOW. You can't have him. He's engaged.... End it.) I don't know who you are. I don't know who you're supposed to be.
  • John: You picked the name!
  • Sherlock: (Quick....say something. Make it believable. You did NOT pick a gay icon on purpose trying to send John a subtle message of desire.) I... I picked it at random from the papers.
  • John: You're not really getting the hang of this game, are you, Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: (oh John. Apparently I lost this game a long time ago.)





This show.

can I just

Guys it got better.

God, did it get better. 

sherlockian need a lesson on what “better” means


teenlock au where john’s singing karaoke in his room to unwind after exams, and it’s so loud that it disturbs sherlock next door who’s working on an experiment so he decides to give his neighbor a piece of his mind and tell him to shut up but when john opens the door and sherlock meets him for the first time he forgets what he was going to say and he’s just verbally keysmashing and awkwardly mumbling that john has a beautiful voice.